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Unity Spiritual Center offering a Sunday Service in our driveway each week, weather permitting. 
Beginning Sunday, December 6 the service will begin at 10:00 am

If you should decide to attend, you are agreeing to the following:

1) USC is still asking everyone to wear a mask when coming to USC.

2) The bathrooms are open during the service and can be accessed using the side entrance off the Community Room. Masks are required to enter the bathrooms.

3) If you prefer to not wear a mask, but would like to come to our Parking Lot Service, please place your chair away from others who are wearing a mask and refrain from conversing with them. We suggest you use the middle driveway entrance from which you can still see and hear the service.

4) Once the service begins (9 am Sundays) you are free to remove your mask. But we ask that you return to wearing your mask once the service has ended.

5) Because Covid-19 cases are rising in our immediate area, we are still in lockdown and will let you know when things change.

While the above agreement may seem strict, we want you to know we are doing everything possible to keep our beloved spiritual community safe from the virus, while feeling connected to each other, until it is safe again to resume our regular service.

As we wait for the weather to begin to cool down, we will use the 9 am time slot for this service. 
Please invite others to join you for our Driveway Service!.

Thank you, Reverend Monica Driscoll

Now you can watch our Driveway Service on YouTube!

We are recording our Driveway Service, consisting of announcements, a meditation and the Talk. It will be available Sunday afternoons via our YouTube Channel: A

Thank you for your continued support. We have many ways to connect with others in our spiritual community:

  • Friday Happy Hour
  • 7:00am Daily Word (M-S)
  • Wednesday Prayer Service at Noon
  • Updates will appear in your weekly E-Newsletter

See you in the ZOOM rooms (see details below)!
Be well my friends,

Reverend Monica Driscoll
Transitional Specialist
Unity Spiritual Center, Fruitland Park, Florida
352-350-4802 cell

👀 Zoom Update 👀

Hello USC Unitics,

As some of you have already encountered, a passcode is now required to enter any of our meetings via Zoom. This is a necessary change put into place in an effort to lessen the vulnerability of unwanted guests entering the meeting rooms. Several Unity churches and other institutions have been compromised while doing their services and or conducting business with individuals deliberately causing issues in their meeting rooms. We do not want this to happen to us.

Therefore, before you can enter any Zoom meeting, you will need the passcode assigned to that account. For security reasons, we will not be releasing any passcodes via any electronic methods. This includes, texting, emails or announcement notices. Prior to entering a Zoom meeting, please contact the host for the passcode for that meeting.

Please do not share this passcode with anyone who might abuse or misuse it!

The good news is the Zoom account for the church has only one passcode, so once you get it, it will be the same one for all meetings associated with the church account. If you are using some other Zoom account then a different passcode will be needed.

To obtain our passcode, please contact your Prayer Chaplain, your Spirit Group Host or your PACT Leader. They all have it. If for some reason you do not know any of the aforementioned individuals please email the church office, Include your name and phone number in the email. Someone will contact you to share the passcode.

I know we are all going through unfamiliar experiences right now. We are navigating uncharted waters and we all are doing the best we can. Please be patient with us as we too increase our learning curve in an effort to stay connected. We are all in this together and we will go through this together. Things appear uncertain on the outside but within each of us is the certainty of God being with us every step of the way.

I love you. I bless you. And I see only the Christ in you.

God speed,
Rev Mo

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We are primarily supported by the free-will love offerings of those who call Unity their spiritual home.
We actively practice the principle of generosity by giving our donations to be of service in the world.

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Rev Mo:
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Unity Near The Villages

509 County Rd. 468
Fruitland Park, Florida 34731
Phone: 352.454.3120

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  • Time For a Change

    Beginning Sunday, December 6, our Driveway Service will begin at 10:00am. Come enjoy the cooler temperatures. *all of the same restrictions will be in place until further notice*

  • Looking For a Way To Serve

    The Nominatiing Committee is seeking members of Unity Spiritual Center who are interested in serving on our Board of Trustees.  The application process is now open. The application for Board service can be found on our website. 

  • Reverend Monica Driscoll

    Sunday, December 6
    Rev Monica Driscoll

    The Gifts of Christmas

    Here are a few questions to ponder: What do you want under your Christmas Tree this year? What was your favorite Christmas and why? What was the best Christmas gift you ever received? What was the best Christmas gift you ever gave to someone? What is your favorite Christmas ornament? How old were you when you discovered Santa Claus was fiction?
    Can you guess what the homework will be this Sunday?

  • Watch Us on YouTube!

    Every Sunday at 10:00 am - Service in the Driveway
    or watch us later on YouTube! If you click "Subscribe" on YouTube, you'll get an alert when the service is posted.

    Click here to watch live or view our recent past services
    Click here to select a specific weekly message.

  • USC Nightly Prayer

    You are invited to join us in a nightly, 9:00 pm prayer as we unite our minds and hearts for unity and peace during this time of pandemic and division. The following is our prayer for December.

    Peace and love in my heart contribute to peace and love in the world. The world I see is a reflection of our collective mind and heart. I begin by going within, holding sacred space, loving myself first, and extending that love to family and friends. I see each congregant of Unity Spiritual Center embraced and connected by love and peace, as we pray in communion. Together, the power of our prayer radiates and expands. Our heart connections flow outward to our larger community, and to the world beyond.  

    We now entrust every concern and challenge to the presence of Peace, Truth, Light, and Love. In this Presence, we are complete, protected, determined, and courageous. As we pray, our intentions and actions help establish a world that is inclusive and filled with grace.

    Life is revitalized by universal harmony, a coming together in recognition of one another's divine nature and of what is in the best interest of us all. I gratefully harvest the fruits of my daily prayer practice and enjoy the abundance of All-Good in my life!

    As I relax, moving into sleep to refresh my body for a new day, I am grateful. I am blessed to know that with God's wisdom and guidance, I can set the course of my day. I am grateful to know the truth of my being - that I have the spark of the Divine within. Every moment is a choice moment and I choose to listen to that still small voice that speaks to me. I am Spirit-led and do what is mine to do… and so I prepare to begin my day tomorrow with joy, confidence and gratitude.....and it's all good! And so it is.

  • Chinese Auction

    Chinese Auction Schedule for 2021!

    In January, 2021 we will be having a Chinese Auction for the baskets from the Quarter Auction canceled because of the lockdown. Please watch for the When, Where and How in the E-Newsletter!

  • Daily Word

    Daily 7am (except Sundays)

    Daily Word reading, 15 minutes of Silent Prayer followed with "What's Up" by the minister. The call will conclude at 7:30 am. All are invited and welcome. You can always go back to bed when it is over! The link for this Zoom call is:

    Join Zoom Meeting
    https://  Meeting ID: 609 781 5115

    One tap mobile using the Zoom app
    +1 646 5588656, 609 781 5115# US (New York)

    Dial by your location with no Video
    +1 646 558 8656 US (New York) Meeting ID: 609

  • Christmas Eve Candlelighting

  December 2020  
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