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GREAT NEWS – Beginning Sunday, August 16th at 9 am, Unity Spiritual Center will be conducting a Driveway Service. Come one and all as all are welcome.


If you should decide to attend, you are agreeing to the following things:

1)     You will bring your own chair (if you do not have a chair, call the office and reserve one).

2)     You will sit with only the people who came in your car with you.

3)     You will wear a face mask that covers your mouth and nose. (if you forget to bring one, one will be provided for you to wear).

4)     You will not have any close or physical contact with the minister before, during or after the service.

5)     You will sit in marked spots only.

6)     You will park away from the front entrance and the driveway area.

7)     You will not have access to the building as it will be locked. This means there are no bathroom facilities.

8)     You will maintain all social distancing. This means at least six feet distancing.


While the above agreement may seem strict, we want you to know we are doing everything possible to keep our beloved spiritual community safe from the virus, while feeling connected to each other, until it is safe again to resume our regular service.

As we wait for the weather to begin to cool down, we will use the 9 am time slot for this service. Please invite others to join you for our first Driveway Service on Sunday, August 16, at 9 am.


Attention All Ushers, Greeters and Welcome sacred service people:

We are forming a team to assist us in setting up our Driveway Service. If you are a sacred service leader, please contact your team and gather at the church on Saturday, August 15th, at 9 am for a walk through for Sunday. If you want to participate, please email the office or call with your name and plan on being at the church on Saturday, August 15th at 9 am. All hands are welcome. Please bring and wear your mask.


Thank you everyone. I look forward to seeing everyone. I’ve missed all of you.


Love and Light,

Reverend Monica



Hello Fellow Unitics,

After a long and thought-provoking, honest conversation, the board has determined to remain closed and to consider a proposed re-opening date of August 2, 2020. Four methods were used to help in making this decision: the Ad-Hoc Re-Opening Committee, the re-opening membership survey (results below), the age of our community, and the current uptick in Covid-19 cases throughout the state.

First, the Ad-Hoc Re-Opening Committee - The committee, made up of Dick Larsen, Anne Marie Acacio, Sue Hashley, Fran Tougas, Jon Buth, Karen Donahue, and Dee Babel, took many things into consideration and developed a list of protocols to be put into place prior to arranging any re-opening date.   These same recommended protocols were used as part of the survey sent out to our membership this past weekend. Former Board President, Jon Buth will continue to monitor the CDC requirements alone with the tri-county statistics on cases and what is happening in our area. The committee worked tirelessly and diligently to review and access the necessary guidelines and protocol’s specially for USC.

The survey results as of June 16 were as follows:

     When asked “How likely are you to return with the protocols in place” -

          ·        47% are highly likely to return,

          ·        53% are not likely or will not be returning any time soon.

     When asked “When would you be inclined to come back” the results were –

          ·        33% would return the first opportunity,

          ·        25% said a couple weeks after the re-opening, several months, after a vaccination was available and or when things are back to normal.

          ·        15% said they were not sure when they would be inclined to come back.

For those who are participating in our programs on-line, watching our service on YouTube was the most attended with more than 78%, while the other activities, combined accounted for about 40% with those activities meeting their expectations 62% of the time.

Lastly, the uptick in cases and hospitalizations have risen significantly since the state has re-opened. The following link can answer a few of your questions regarding our state and county (Lake, Marion and Sumter). This site includes a page for determining whether a county is meeting the CDC guidelines for re-opening, number of cases in your zip code and much more. Take a look.

          Florida's Community Coronavirus Dashboard

Although, there are not a lot of cases in Lake and Sumter (subtracting the number of cases reported at the two prisons) the board felt with the protocols, the survey results, the age of our community, and the uptick in cases it is prudent to wait until the end of July to re-evaluate our situation especially with all the re-openings of the large to medium size churches, the bars and restaurants currently opening in and around our area.  The proposed re-opening date of August 2nd is contingent upon the continued downward numbers of cases, hospitalizations and deaths in the state.

We trust you will continue and or reconsider joining us on Zoom and YouTube in our efforts to stay connected, even if only being able to see your face during this time. We will continue to keep our hearts and minds open to the unlimited possibilities with returning to some form of normalcy in the very near future. In the meantime, please remember to contribute to Unity Spiritual Center as your love offerings are our only means to sustainability. Please look for our financial update by Board Treasurer, Stormy Armagost in the next couple of days.

If you want to get on Zoom and or YouTube but have not been able to do so please give the church office a call and someone will get back to you to walk you through the process. The Church office phone number is 352-454-3120.

Thank you for trusting your Board of Directors,

     Joan Peet, Board President

     Renee Romero, Vice President

     Stormy Armagost, Treasurer

     Fran Tougas, Secretary

     Donna Keaton, Member at Large

     Monica Driscoll, Transitional Minister


The Prayer For Protection -



Beginning this Sunday we will no longer have the 7:45AM live feed for the Virtual Sunday Service via Zoom. The service will now be streamlined to have a short meditation and an abbreviated message which will be recorded in our sanctuary on Saturday with Stormy Armagost and Reverend Monica only.

Thank you for all your support these last six weeks for joining us early Sunday morning to be part of our live feed. We trust you will find our Sunday recording more to the point that 'less is more'. The Sunday Message will continue to be available by 10 am on Sundays via our Youtube Channel: A

Thank you for your continued support. We have many ways to connect with others in our spiritual community - Friday's happy hour, 7:00am Daily Word (M-S), Noon Wednesday Prayer Service, and the Tuesday Class.

See you in the ZOOM rooms.

Be well my friends,

Reverend Monica Driscoll

Transitional Specialist

Unity Spiritual Center, 

Fruitland Park, Florida

352-350-4802 cell



👀 Zoom Update 👀




     Hello USC Unitics,




As some of you have already encountered, a passcode is now required to enter any of our meetings via Zoom. This is a necessary change put into place on Saturday by Zoom in their effort to lessen the vulnerability of their customers from unwanted guests entering the meeting rooms. Several Unity Churches as well as other institutions have been compromised while doing their services and or conducting business with individuals deliberately causing issues in their meeting rooms. We do not want this to happen to us.

Therefore, before you can enter any Zoom meeting, you will need the passcode assigned to that account. For security reasons, we will not be releasing any passcodes via any electronic methods. This includes, texting, emails or announcement notices. 


The good news is the Zoom account for the Church has only one passcode so once you get the passcode, it will be the same one for all meetings associated with the church account. If you are using some other Zoom account then a different passcode will be needed.

To obtain the passcode for the Church, please contact your Prayer Chaplain, your Spirit Group Host or your PACT Leader. They all have the passcode. If for some reason you do not know any of the aforementioned individuals please email the church office – leaving us your name and phone number in your email. Someone will contact you to share with you the passcode.

I know we are all going through experiences right now that are unfamiliar. We are navigating uncharted waters and we all are doing the best we can. Please be patient with us as we too increase our learning curve in an effort to stay connected. We are all in this together and we will go through this together. Things appear uncertain on the outside but within each of us is the certainty of God being with us every step of the way.

I love you. I bless you. And I see only the Christ in you.

God speed.


Rev Mo

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Hello Everyone,

It is Saturday, March 21, 2020, the first day of Spring. I wanted you to know a few things that are happening within our spiritual community.

1)     We created a short 5-minute video to give you a face and audio of what is going on. Please click this link to                view it:    What's Going On

2)     Please subscribe to our YouTube Channel to further keep up to date. If you know someone who might have               trouble with this process, please give them a call and help them through it. Our YouTube Channel link                         is:    Unity YouTube Site

3)     Please check your subscription to our YouTube channel and confirm your account is set to notify you of any               additional videos being uploaded. This will keep you informed faster than waiting for an email to tell you                   another video was uploaded.

4)     Beginning Sunday at 7 AM until further notice we will be in a Zoom meeting room in silent prayer for 15                     minutes. Practice getting into the room ahead of time. Here is the link to join. Unity Zoom Link                                              Meeting ID: 609 781 5115

        One tap mobile for devices using Zoom

       +16465588656,,6097815115# US (New York)

       +13126266799,,6097815115# US (Chicago)

       Dial by your location without Zoom. You will get audio only (no computer use needed just dial in, but                         remember to enter the Meeting ID: 609 781 5115).

       +1 646 558 8656 US (New York)

       +1 312 626 6799 US (Chicago)

       +1 301 715 8592 US

       +1 346 248 7799 US (Houston)

       +1 669 900 9128 US (San Jose)

       +1 253 215 8782 US

       Meeting ID: 609 781 5115

5)     We will be sending out an email later next week as our e-mail news will continue with the 2 PM Wednesday              deadline. Be sure Rev Mo is aware of what you want to post in the e-news.

6)     Our Sunday Worship Service will be done via our YouTube channel going forward. It will be an abbreviated                 version with only a meditation and a talk.

         It will post no later than 10 AM on Sundays. Keep connected.

7)     The office although closed we will be responding to emails as appropriate and will be getting to the church                to process the mail etc.

8)     If you know of anyone being hospitalized please contact your chaplain or send an email to the church office              – Know that 1800-praynow is available 24/7 to personally pray with                             you. We are here for you.

That is it for now. Watch for our videos on our YouTube channel and join us each day at 7 AM for 15 minutes of silent pray time.

To donate on line: Link


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Unity Spiritual Center | 509 CR 468, Fruitland Park, FL 34731

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E news :

Rev. Mo :













Hello, all Unity Spiritual Center, Unitics.


We love you we bless you and we see the Christ in and as you.


This is what is happening at Unity Spiritual Center, near the Villages, Florida.


We are closing the building to all activities scheduled and unscheduled until further notice. The office will be open but for only Wednesday of this week. We will do our best to respond to your emails offsite. If it can wait please let it wait. This Sunday’s worship service will take place in the sanctuary as normal but to a limited number of people and will be available live on our YouTube Channel, Unity Spiritual Center North Central Florida, at our regular time of 10am.

YouTube Channel


Our first case in Lake County occurred yesterday. We are very mindful that the best course of action is to not congregate, no matter the size. It is just not worth the risk.

In times of discord such as now our Unity go to is always prayer. But what do we pray for, what is our intention for going into prayer? Are we looking for world peace, for the madness we feel to go away or are we seeking a united world coming together to resolve a common problem? How are you now spending your free time away from the bustle of everyday living? I invite each of you reading this announcement to join me at 7 AM everyday (in your time zone) for a simple but powerful time together to pray for the wellbeing of our tri-county area, the state of Florida, the United States and the rest of the entire world. For a simple 15 minutes, let us see everyone working together for the good of all, putting aside any and all differences in culture, in social economic status, in political views and coming together in love for human kind because we can affect the world right now right where we are. I further recommend that throughout our day we remind ourselves with this affirmation:


“I Am a loving child of a loving God and all is well in my world and those around me.

I do not let the world view of fear enter my living consciousness

but rather I see love all around me and the entire world.

I am whole.”


  1. All activities and meetings in the Pat Bennet Community Room are cancelled. This includes but is not limited to our Sunday gatherings and the Bookstore until further notice.
  2. The office will be open only on Wednesdays until further notice. We will make every effort to respond to your emails –
  3. Spirit Groups have the option to continue to meet via Zoom. Your group host will contact you and let you know when and how. Our April 5th week 10 gathering will take place via zoom. More to come on this item.
  4. Our Wednesday noon prayer service is cancelled along with the after Wednesday service class. Please join us instead for 15 minutes together in affirmative prayer. See the information posted at the beginning of this post.
  5. The e-news will resume in a couple of weeks after things settle themselves. We will use this venue to communicate with all of you.
  6. The Quarter Auction has been postponed and will take place at a later date. Hang onto your ticket or request a refund from Dee Babel or Lynn Ostergaard. We will post more on this in a later communications notice.

Please continue your love offering whether by mail or through our donate button on our website located at the top left-hand side of any page. Or simply click the link provide here: Donation Page

We will continue to do the Sunday Worship Service live with limited participation. Please do not plan on attending as you can view the Service live at our regular time of 10am on our YouTube Channel.

As is done every Sunday we live stream the service via our YOUTUBE channel:      YouTube Channel


Although I cannot image you doing anything else at 10am Sundays then watch us live you can also watch any service at your leisure as they are all posted on our YOUTUBE channel.


I see only good and know that this too shall pass.


I love you and bless you.



     We will send out additional notices for any important changes that might occur.


     You can always check out our website for updates as well.


     Have a great God filled day. Take care of yourselves. See you all soon.


     Rev Mo

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    5. I realize that what I share is my personal perceptions of an incident or situation and that every person has a right to their own perception and that perception is real to them.
    6. I honor the boundaries of confidentiality established.
    7. I am willing to grow and express as a spiritually and emotionally mature individual.
    8. I am willing to negotiate and move my personal stake.
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