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Transitional Minister

Reverend Monica (Rev Mo) Driscoll

Number of Years in Unity: More than 30 years.

Classes: Too many to list, began her quest after reading Prosperity by Charles Fillmore in 1983.

Leadership Experience: Senior Minister for Unity Church of Christ in South New Jersey; currently a Ministry Consultant with UWM; has served UWM as their "At Large Judicatory Representative" for the Ethics Review System, for more than five years; believes she has been called to help churches through transitions toward healthy spiritual relationships.

Work Experience: Author of States of Mind, a 2-cd interpretation of the Beatitudes. Rev Mo is near completion of her first of many books – Climb Out – a humorous retake of growing up in a large family and finding God in the dysfunction.

Her favorite bible quote is – "With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible." Matthew 19:26 KJV

Unique Skills: Committed to Unity Principals and strives to live her life in accordance with Divine Guidance.

USC Committees: All of them.


Joan Peet

Number of years in Unity: Joined Unity in 2004,14 years participation.

Classes: Keys to the Kingdom, Prosperity Plus I and II, Emilie Cady, Be Heard Now, Living Originally, I of the Storm, Complaint Free World, Teachings of Jesus, Q Process, Reiki, Quantum Touch, Two Unity Conferences, Suzanne Giesemann, a week with Thich Nhat Hanh, and Transcendental Meditation

Leadership Experience: Chaplain and Board of Trustees in Maine 2005-2010, Unity Spiritual Center Board of Trustees 2013-16, Team Leader for multidisciplinary mental health team at outpatient health facility in Boston from 1996-2002.

Unique Skills: Experience in Board Membership and issues that arise around finances and the minister.

Participation in Unity Spiritual Center: I have participated as an usher, choir member, leader of meditation groups, prayer chaplain, alternate board member and board member.

Approximate Hours Per Week in Service: Varies weekly (examples: Office volunteer, Board of Trustees 2013-2016, counter of offering, Finance Committee, PAC Team, Hurricane Readiness Team)


Karl (Stormy) Armagost

Number of Years in Unity: 7 years.

Classes: Home Book study groups, The Four Agreements, E squared, I of the Storm, Finding Yourself in Transition, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, Prosperity Plus A New Way of Living, Prosperity by Charles Fillmore, Board coaching with Dr. Gary Simmons.

Leadership Experience: Positions of lead engineer, project engineer and lead designer with up to 20 people in the team. Granted a Q clearance from the Dept. of Energy.

Work Experience: Mechanical Engineer for 30 years primarily involved with new product design and development; Business owner in The Villages for 6+ years (manufacturing & sales of solar shades/retractable awnings).

Unique Skills: mechanical engineering; managerial; good communication skills; excellent analytical skills; conceptual thinker.

USC Committees: Member of board of Trustees; member of media team; responsible for operating live streaming system for the Sunday services; operate sound mixer for events;

Approximate Hours Per Week in Service: 8-20 hours weekly (Continued upgrading media systems for live streaming; assist with several maintenance projects; participate in Food for Thought Thursday, Dinner for Six and other church functions)


Fran Tougas

Number of Years in Unity: 5 years.

Classes: Various Home Book study groups, The Four Agreements, E squared, I of the Storm, Prosperity by Charles Fillmore, Board coaching with Dr. Gary Simmons.

Leadership Experience: Manager of a truss plant, to the owner of a design and build business.

Work Experience: Involved in the building industry, architectural drafting, builder.

Unique Skills: Moved to Florida in January 2013 from Minnesota. He and wife Mary have been married 33 years. They have one daughter, who lives in Nebraska.

USC Committees: Active in various church projects and committees.

Board Member

Dee Babel

Number of Years in Unity: Since 1980 (39 years)

Classes: I have taken every class that has been offered. Here are just a few I have taken: Spiritual Economics, Discover The Power Within, Keys To The Kingdom, Prosperity I & II, Living Originally, I of The Storm, Complaint Free World, Q Process, The Work, How To Pray, Power of One Accord, Prosperity by Charles Filmore, Heart Centered Metaphysics, attended 5 Unity Conferences.

Leadership: YOU Leader 1998 – 2000 (Unity of Dayton), Fundraising Chairman at Unity of Dayton and Unity Spiritual Center, Christ Child Society volunteer and fundraising member 1998 – 2001, Board of Trustees – Unity Spiritual Center – 2010 – 2015 and 2016 – 2020, Mentor – Take Stock in Children 2004 – 2019, Tutors for Kids volunteer – 2015 and present day.

Unique Skills: Conflict management, fundraising, organizational skills.

Participation: Lead 3 Reverse Raffles, board member, Co-Chair Unity Women, Organization Women’s Christmas Luncheon – 2005- 2016, Organization fund raisers.

Hours Per Week: Varies with current project.

Board Member

Renee Romero

Number of Years in Unity: More than 20 years.

Classes: Studied New Thought concepts since the 1960’s and attended the spiritualist Center in Hollywood, FL.

Leadership Experience: Director of the Lymphedema Institute in Miami as well as an instructor to teach other therapists about this modality.

Work Experience: Renee is a nurse by profession and one of the few Nurse Massage Therapists in Florida. She is currently still in practice.

Unique Skills: She specializes in lymphatic drainage, treating people with swelling in the arms, legs and after surgery.

USC Committees: Multiple.

Board Member

Reecie Dolan

Years at UnityTotal 20 years - 14 years at Unity Churches in Raleigh, NC; six years at Unity Spiritual Center.


ClassesTook several classes while in NC.  Recent classes in Florida:  2018 Creating Dynamic, Thriving & Sustainable Ministries; 2019 The Q-Process; 2019 Spirit Groups: The Five Disciplines & Touching the Stillness.


Leadership Experience: Volunteer Coordinator at Unity Spiritual Center from September 2017–July 2019, working with 22 team leaders, leading Volunteer Fair, and conducting quarterly Team Meetings.  Served as Team Leader for various business teams throughout my 20 year career at an international pharmaceutical company.   Initiated and led a Diversity Network for mature workers for eight years prior to retirement in 2013 that included 700+ members. Served in various positions on Homeowners’ Association Boards over 20 years.


Work ExperieceWorked at GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for 20 years in various departments including Research & Development, the GSK Call Center, and US Communications for the last six years.  Previously spent 20 years in the field of Commercial Real Estate in the leasing and management of Class A Office Buildings, mostly as a Property Manager.


Unique SkillsAbility to plan, lead and execute a broad range of meetings and special events.  Possess project management and organizational skills through years of business experience.  Technology savvy including use of Microsoft Office and web-based programs and applications.


USC CommitteesServed as Hospitality Team Leader at both churches in NC and three years at Unity Spiritual Center.  Currently serving as interim member of Unity Board of Directors.

Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT)

Norman Bogert

After taking 250 hours of classes on spiritual training and 100 hours of leadership training, Norm was licensed by the Association of Unity Churches in March 2007. He was appointed Unity of Ocala’s Licensed Unity Teacher upon receiving his license and spent most of 2007 teaching basic Unity courses. In August, the Association of Unity Churches granted a charter for a study group to be started in The Villages, and Norm was named the spiritual leader.

Prior to being licensed, Norm joined Unity of Ocala as a member in January of 2004. He was elected to the Board of Trustees that same year and served as vice president and president of the board for three years. Working closely with the minister, Norm was involved with many of the day-to-day decisions and became trained in accounting systems and records needed to run a successful church community. During his working years, Norm was a trainer and facilitator with New York Life Insurance for 23 years and was a member of the National Training Academy faculty for over ten years.

Norm is married and has two children and six grandchildren. He lives in The Villages, Florida.

Licensed Unity Teacher (LUT)

Deni Ralston

Deni Ralston is a Licensed Unity Teacher, serving our church by teaching classes and participating in classes and services as needed.  She was a member of Unity of Louisville for 25 years, serving as a Youth of Unity Sponsor for 12 years, and as a sponsor at regional events. During that time, she was awarded the Distinguished Youth Service Award. Deni received chaplaincy training from Reverend Lei Lanni Burt in 2005. She served as a chaplain at Unity of Louisville for five years before moving to Florida. At Unity Spiritual Center she served as a member of the Board of Trustees at Large, and as Board President. During the six years she has been a member at USC, she completed the 250 hours of LUT foundational classroom study, the additional work, practicum and testing to be licensed.  She is currently on sabbatical.

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