Sacred Service

Opportunities for Sacred Service

Your gift of Sacred Service is an opportunity to serve your spiritual community, promote your personal spiritual growth, and provide tremendous help to the church.

  • Sunday Services Support
  • Finance & Administration
  • Grounds & Interior
  • Outreach/Community Support

If you are interested in any of these opportunitities, please email for more information.

Sunday Service Support

Bookstore: Assists congregants and visitors with their selections before and after our Sunday Service.

Hospitality: Works as a team to set up or take down the refreshments provided for fellowship after our Sunday Service.

Media/Technology (Media/Audio/Visual): Provides technological support during our Sunday Service and special events.

Music & Choir: Voices of Unity Choir perform at our Sunday Services once a month

Platform Assistants: Serves by welcoming first time visitors and assisting in our worship service.

Prayer Chaplains: Provide prayer support to individuals following our Sunday Service. They also provide prayer support throughout the week to members in their homes or in hospitals and rehab centers.

Ushers: Greet congregants and visitors as they arrive at the church. Provide sanctuary assistance by distributing bulletins and materials related to the service. They receive love offerings.

Welcome Desk: Provides a gracious and friendly welcome to all who enter our sanctuary for Sunday Services.

Finance and Administration

Business Administration: Maintains the operation of our church office and supervises our administrative volunteers.

Finance Team: Budgets and reports on current church finances. Legacy team plans opportunities for congregants to update their wills and estate planning. Experience in this field is preferred.

Marketing Team: Works to provide publicity for our church, Sunday services, special events, and to grow the consciousness of Unity. Marketing experience needed.

Website: Webmaster is responsible for keeping our church website and Facebook page current regarding events and classes.  All team leaders help keep their activities and their contact information current on the web.


Decorating Team: Beautifies our spiritual home and decorates for holidays and special occasions.

Hurricane Preparedness Team: Works in specific sections of our property under the direction of the team leaders.

Outreach/Community Support

A.S.A.P. (Always Say a Prayer) Prayer Team: Participates through prayer; prayer requests are sent by telephone or e-mail, and responded to likewise. You may be anywhere in the world and give and receive prayer from your spiritual community.

Loving Hearts: Sends sympathy, get well and birthday cards to members.

Men’s Group: Gathers the third Saturday of the month for food and fellowship and a spiritual discussion.

Outreach Team: Gathers and organizes support from members for approved organizations within our surrounding community that need assistance.

P.A.C.T. (Pastoral Assistance Care Teams): Supports one another when help is needed. Empowers individuals by letting them know who lives close by to assist.

Women’s Group: Gathers the second Friday of every month for getting acquainted, fellowship and spiritual growth.

Unity Spiritual Center Leadership Contacts

Spiritual Leaders                                   

Rev Monica Driscoll         Transitional Specialist

Norm Bogert  (LUT)         Licensed Unity Teacher

Deni Ralston                    Licensed Unity Teacher

Board Members              

Jim Hall                             President

Joan Peet                        Vice President

Fran Tougas                        Secretary

Stormy Armagost                Treasurer

Dee Babel                            Member

Renee Romero                    Member

Sacred Service                  

Bookstore                         Barbara Richards

Hospitality Team              Joanne Howard

Media Team                     Tana Thurgaland

Music & Choir                  Donna Fraley

Platform Team                  Sandy Baker

                                         Diane Dean

Prayer Team/                    Deni Ralston

Chaplains/ASAP Team     Carol Quinn

Ushers                              Tom Treffehn

                                          Dave Bryant

Welcome Desk                  Mary Tougas

                                          Holly Powell

Finance and Administration              

Business Administration    Marcia Wolfe

Finance & Legacy             Jon Buth

                                          Jim Hall

Marketing Team                Brooke Claiborne

Volunteer Coordin-ator      Reecie Dolan

Website                             Tina Quickenton & Barbara McManus

Interior / Exterior                                                     

Decorating Team              Ellen Cronas

                                         Mary Ellen Taylor

Hurricane Preparedness  Jim Hall

                                                              Joan Peet

Outreach and Community Support

Activities Team                  Susan Parcel-Armagost

                                          Mary Tougas

Loving Hearts                    Patty Cox

                                          Joanne Howard

Meditation                         TBD

Men’s Group                     Jon Buth

Outreach Team                 Dan Wolfe

                                          Nancy Nelson

P.A.C.T.                             Karen Donahue

Spirit Groups                     Marcia Wolfe

                                          Norm Bogert

Women’s Group                Judy Lapham

                                          Dee Babel

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