Our Beliefs

Transforming Lives

In Unity and New Thought, you’ve found the spiritual community for which you search.

You’ve heard the mantra, “Change your thoughts. Change your life!” One of the basic teachings of Unity is the creative power of thought.

  • We are one humanity. Collectively we have the power to shift consciousness and impact the whole.
  • A simple willingness to connect with and express gratitude in every situation opens your heart to experience the richness that life has to offer.
  • Whether you are seeking to improve your relationships, connect with your own self-worth, or simply be more loving every day, we offer tools to help you experience more love and compassion.
  • We are committed to the spiritual work of meditation and healing as together, we create equality, equity, and peace for all.
  • Affirmative prayer and meditation have been a part of the Unity teachings since the movement began 130 years ago.
  • Unity proudly supports the LGBTQIA+ community. We believe everyone is divine and that every person shines with the light of God!
  • Whether your time with us is for a little while or a lifetime, you will find love, acceptance, kindness, and prayerful support in our journey of spiritual self discovery. We welcome you on this journey!

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